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Introduction to the Second Edition of JEVTM

  • Megan Brenner


Dear Readers,


Welcome to the second edition of the JEVTM! Our goal is to present quality, peer-reviewed articles to keep you up to date on all aspects of endovascular and hybrid therapies for resuscitation and trauma. This particular area is a rapidly growing field with a wide variety of specialties spearheading efforts all around the globe.


In this edition you will find articles relating to embolization and stent-grafting of injuries, potential pitfalls with REBOA placement from military and civilian experience, changes in arterial diameter with severe hemorrhage, a novel endovascular training paradigm from Japan, and the first reported use of REBOA for inter-hospital transfer of trauma patients in the US. 


The cover illustration of this edition is a tribute to our military colleagues and friends. We thank you for your service, and for your relentless efforts in pushing REBOA and endovascular techniques forward safely and effectively. Our civilian–military partnerships are instrumental in helping to refine and improve the care of the injured patient.


We hope to see you all at the EVTM meeting in June!



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