Embolization of Giant Post-Traumatic Arteriovenous Renal Fistula using the Penumbra Occlusion Device




Giant post-traumatic artero-venous renal fistula is a very rare condition, and the exclusion of renal perfusion is the principal risk of embolization.

Aim of our presentation is to evaluate new materials and devices derivated by neuro-angio experience to treat the vascular arterio-venous renal fistula.

Material and Methods:

From march 2017t to december 2020 we have treated 3 post traumatic hight-flow artero-venous renal fistulas. In one case an aneurysmatic dilatation of renal artery was associated.

All patients were previously and during follow-up evaluated by MDCTA and US-color-Doppler.

POD Penumbra System plus, POD packing coil were used to treat arterio-venous renal fistula.


In all cases (3/3) complete arterio-venous renal fistula occlusion was obtained. Pod System and Pod packing coil were delivered with microcatheter directly in the arterial side of the arterio-venous renal fistula.

The renal fuction and complete parenchymal preservation were obtained


In our preliminary experience Penumbra System revealed to be a secure device for a complete exclusion of high-flow arterio-venous renal fistula and preserving renal perfusion.

Author Biography

Giampaolo Carraffiello, Università degli Studi di Milano

Direttore di Unità Operativa Complessa

Professore Ordinario di Diagnostica per Immagini, Radioterapia e Neuroradiologia - Università degli Studi di Milano






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